Video Proctoscopy Treatment

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What is Video Proctoscopy?

It is a novel technique helps to understand the internal situation of the rectum and anus and practiced by special Proctosurgeons. Video proctoscopy uses the particular type of device which is slightly larger than the anoscope. It includes the camera and light source which produce a clear picture. The tool is convenient to use.

The proctoscopy is used to diagnose the health conditions like piles or hemorrhoids, anal cancer or rectal polyps. The method is used to visualize an inner portion of the anal channel and the rectum. The rectum is the several inch long tubes that attach large intestine or colon to the anus.

Procedure for Video Proctoscopy

  • It is necessary to lie on the left side to perform the test.
  • To know the tenderness or blocks the doctor will put the gloved finger in the anal region.
  • Then they insert the lubricated proctoscope into the rectum or colon.Video Proctoscopy
  • Suction is applied to remove the blood or mucus and slowly moves the device forward to visualize the condition.
  • During this, sometimes they use the forceps, swabs to collect the sample to conduct a biopsy.
  • The whole process takes few minutes to complete

What are the risk factors?

Video Proctoscopy possess minimal risk like:

  • Minor uncertainties of getting perforation
  • Sometimes causes bleeding due to damaged walls of colon
  • Rarely induces colon infections

It is better to concern health specialist if anyone has the heavy bleeding or pain in abdomen or fever.

Video Proctoscopy Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions

Pre-Surgery Instructions

  • Explain your other health problems and past surgical experiences to doctor
  • Clean the lower part of your colon to achieve the accurate results
  • It is mandatory to empty the colon before performing the procedure by using laxatives or enema
  • Drink enough liquids before days of video proctoscopy
  • Do eat anything before few hours of Proctoscopic examinations
  • Empty your colon prior test

Post-Surgery Instructions

  • Pass the gas in case if patient have some cramps
  • Do not drive on the day of inspection
  • Plan a person who can take proper care
  • Start usual routine after confirming with your physician
  • Take some instructions regarding diet
  • Drink watery liquid as much as possible




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