Vandana Shelar

Hi, I am Vandana Shelar. I came from Umbraj, Tal- Junnar, Dist- Pune. I am 38 years old. I was suffering from chronic fissure with sentinel pile, I took treatment but it was only temporary relief. Then I came to Phapale Hospital, Junnar. Dr. Shashank Phapale has given me fissure laser treatment. I did not feel any pain during the procedure or after the procedure. I want to thanks to Dr. Phapale with my deep heart. I am really happy and feeling good.

Rahul Mane

Hi, I am Rahul Mane from Ahmadnagar. I am 42 years old. I could not walk far as I was suffering from pain in my legs, when I consulted our family physician, he referred me to Phapale Hospital, Junnar, when I came here I was properly diagnosed and said that I was suffering from varicose vein. He advice me to go for Varicose Vein Laser treatment. I feel that I got the right treatment at the right time at Phapale Hospital, Junnar. Dr. Shashank Phapale was so humble and caring, and he really counseled me in a very nice manner that I never felt nervous for undergoing operation, nursing staff here were so caring and helped me to prepare my mind for the operation. Thank you.

Sandip Mule

Hi, I am Sandip Mule. I am 34 years old. I came from Narayangaon for the treatment of fistula. Disease fistula made my life like a hell, as I could not sit properly, I could not eat anything, pain was unbearable, discharge of pus making me feel ashamed and sick. But after getting treated by fistula laser treatment from Dr. Shashank Phapale, I am feeling very relaxed. I could not think that this much bigger fistula can be treated in such a précised wound. Thanks to Phapale Hospital.

Ganesh Mande

I am Ganesh Mande. I am 37 years old. I came from Ozar, Tal- Junnar, Dist- Pune for the treatment of fistula in ano. I was very much afraid of getting operated. I surfed a lot on internet for the best treatment of fistula and ultimately I made my mind to get operated in Phapale Hospital, Junnar. I was counseled well before my surgery. Dr. Shashank Phapale  attended me very well for detailing all and decided to go for fistula laser treatment. Even after coming back to home I am still in touch with Phapale Hospital for my queries via Whats App. Thanks to Phapale Hospital.

Shubhangi Divar

Hi, I am Shubhangi Divar from Ahmadnagar. As I was suffering from second degree internal hemorrhoids, being a female I was feeling very much ashamed to disclose my problem in front of doctors, but when I came to Phapale Hospital, I was make understood about my problem and follow up precautions so nicely. Dr. Shashank Phapale has given me piles laser treatment and now I am living my life happily. Thanks to Phapale Hospital.

भीमराव खडांगळे

नमस्कार, माझ नाव भीमराव खडांगळे आहे. माझ वय ३८ वर्षे आहे आणि मी ओतूर ला राहतो. मी फापाळे हॉस्पिटल मध्ये आलो तेव्हा डॉ. शशांक फापाळे यांनी सांगितले कि मला फिस्तुला हा आजार आहे. त्यांनी मला सांगितले कि मी जर लेझर सर्जरी केली तर मला काहीही त्रास होणार नाही. मी एकही विचार न करता होकार दिला. मला लवकरच सुट्टी झाली आणि आता मी पूर्णपणे बरा आहे. मी डॉक्टर साहेबांचा फार आभारी आहे.

रामदास गुंड

माझ नाव रामदास गुंड, वय २५ वर्षे. मी नालावाने, ता. जुन्नर इथून मुळव्याध उपचारासाठी फापाळे हॉस्पिटल मध्ये आलो. मी फापाळे हॉस्पिटल मधील उपचार आणि सुविधा बद्दल खुप ऐकल होत आणि ते खर आहे. हॉस्पिटल मध्ये छान सुविधा आहेत. डॉ. शशांक फापाळे यांनी माझ्या ऑपरेशन च्या आधी आजाराबद्दल मला छान सामझावून सांगितले. त्यांनी माझ्या सर्व शंकांचे निराकरण केले. उपचार नंतर आता मी पूर्णपणे बरा आहे. मी फापाळे चा फार आभारी आहे.