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What is Sigmoidoscopy?

It is a method used for close inspection of the inner side of the colon and rectum. The colon is the portion of the large intestine near the rectum. It helps to absorb water and nutrients from the food. It is the site of stool formation. Another name is a flexible sigmoidoscopy. It is a method uses a flexible tube with a light source to view the internal side of the sigmoid colon.

When to perform sigmoidoscopy?

A sigmoidoscopy is a method help to decide the basis of symptoms. If somebody observes the following signs, then it is necessary to contact the doctor.

  • Alterations in bowel practicesSigmoidoscopy
  • Discharge of blood through rectum or blood on stool
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Increased body temperature
  • The system works to understand
  • The presence of ulcers or tumors
  • Atypical cellular growth
  • Helps to identify the rectal polyps
  • Used to confirm the results obtained by other tests or x-rays
  • To make a tissue required for a biopsy

Procedure of Sigmoidoscopy

  • Rest on your left side on a table before starting the procedure.
  • To check the presence of blocks and widen the anus the doctor smoothly puts a gloved and lubricated finger into the rectum. The method illustrated a digital rectal exam.
  • Afterwards, the doctor inserts the sigmoidoscope via the anus. A sigmoidoscope used for this process is flexible and possess camera at the top end.
  • The device slowly moves forward in the colon.
  • Air is introduced into the colon to open the region to get a better view of the anal area. It induces the urge to have a bowel movement.
  • Sometimes, the doctor inserts tiny biopsy tool through the sigmoidoscope

What are the risk factors?

The risk associated with a sigmoidoscopy cover:

  • Continuous blood flows after biopsy
  • Swelling of the peritonitis
  • A hole or perforation in intestinal wall

Sigmoidoscopy Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions

  • Avoid use of medications before consulting with your doctor
  • Do enemas before the two to three hours of the procedure
  • Follow a liquid diet before the method
  • Wear comfortable dress
  • Inform your experts about all the medications and conditions
  • Have a light breakfast in the morning on the day of the procedure


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