Piles are a condition that is caused both internally as well as in an external manner. Piles basically are lumps or swellings inside the Anus region. These swellings form in the bottom portion of the body from an external angle too. Dr. Phapale offers the best treatment for Piles in rural Pune district. Make the best use of the piles laser treatment without pain.

Symptoms that show out if you have Piles

Piles, like any other health condition, shows out its existence through some symptoms which are enlisted below. The below in only an indicative list and there may be more depending on the stage of Piles and the health condition of the patient.

  • Constant itching in the bottom portion, around the Anus
  • Lump like formation in and around the Anus region
  • Sore feeling in the bottom region or skin around the Anus becoming sore
  • Leakage of blood after pooping every time
  • Reddish Anus region
  • Feeling high levels of discomfort while pooing
  • Leakage of mucus from Anus after returning from the toilet

Treatment for Piles

Piles can be treated in 3 ways.

  • Through home remedies – Home remedies are simple ways through which your piles can be treated depending on the stage of the Piles you are suffering frompiles laser treatment
  • With the help of simple ointments and creams – Get in touch with your Doctor who will diagnose the stage of your piles. Based on the stage of the piles, if the Doctor is convinced that you do not require a surgery, you may be recommended ointments and creams.
  • Through Surgery – If your Piles is in advanced stages, you Doctor may advise you to go in for a surgery. Surgery may be required if you are suffering from one of the following conditions
  • Your Piles causes unbearable excruciating pain
  • Excessive bleeding is experienced in a constant manner
  • You have not got ridden of your Piles even after taking medicines for the same
  • Your normal life is getting affected due to the Piles in a constant manner

Lifestyle that causes Piles

Prevention is better than cure. Piles are a medical condition that is caused mainly due to faulty lifestyle. Some such lifestyles that contribute to Piles are enlisted below for better understanding and avoidance of the same.

Job involving sitting for extended period of time

Lack of nutrition in body

Strained Bowel Movement

Obesity caused due to many factors internal and external

Standing on the feet for long durations of time periods

Applying pressure on the abdomen and lower region due to prolonged toilet habits

Condition of Pregnancy in Women when the pressure is high in the abdomen region

Get in touch with Dr. Phapale who offers Laser Treatment, Video Proctoscopy, and Sigmoidoscopy to treat patients suffering from different medical conditions.


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