fistula laser treatmentSome medical conditions astonish mankind as well as the medical field. One such medical condition is Fistula. The fistula is a medical condition that does not pertain to any particular aspect or organ of the human body. The fistula is an abnormal connection that happens between two organs in the human body which otherwise remains unconnected. Such abnormal connections can be between the Skin and an Intestine or the Rectum and the Vagina or any two remote parts of the body which are totally disconnected from each other. Dr. Phapale offers best fistula laser treatment in Pune district. He provides treatment to patients suffering from various kinds of medical conditions through Laser Treatment, Video Proctoscopy, and Sigmoidoscopy.

Anal Fistula

Any abnormal connection between the Perianal Skin and the outer surface of the Anal Canal is termed as Anal Fistula. Some subtypes of Fistula that fall under this category are listed below for clarity.

All other types of Fistula apart from Urinary Tract Fistula and Anal Fistula, a couple of other types of Fistula are discussed in a brief manner below for the benefit of all concerned.

  • Opening between any two parts of the Intestines is termed as Enterotnteral Fistula
  • Opening between skin and small intestine or the skin and the colon is termed as Colocutaneous Fistula or Enterocutaneous Fistula

Symptoms of Fistula

Possible symptoms include:

  • Pain, which is usually constant, throbbing and worse when sitting down
  • Skin irritation around the anus, including swelling, redness, and tenderness
  • Discharge of pus or blood
  • Constipation or pain associated with bowel movements
  • Fever

Available Fistula Treatments:

  • Laser Treatment
  • DLPL
  • Ksharsutra

To get rid of all your Fistula related medical conditions, get in touch with Dr. Phapale who offers the best Fistula Laser Treatment in rural Pune district.


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