Fissure is one medical condition which is generally referred to as Anal fissure treatmentFissure in medical terms. The medical condition is also called fissure-in-ano. Fissure is a medical condition that affects the anal canal in humans. Anal Canal lies at the exterior end of Rectum and is a short tube-like structure. The bottom most part of the colon is called Rectum.  When the lining of the anal canal experiences tear the medical condition is termed as Fissure. Fissures are in no way connected to hemorrhoids and are often mistaken for the same by laymen. Dr. Phapale performs all conventional surgeries and specializes particularly in Fissure treatment in Junnar. Let us have a look at Fissure as a medical condition and the various aspects of the same in detail.

Reasons why Anal Fissure is caused

There are many reasons for an Anal Fissure to be caused in humans. Some of the reasons for Anal Fissure to be caused are enlisted below for a clear understanding of the medical condition.

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease occasionally causes Fissure
  • Tumors in related areas cause Fissures in some patients
  • Trauma experienced by the anal canal’s inner lining causes Fissure
  • Pressure caused to the anal area due to pressure developed in the abdomen area
  • Dry or loose or hard bowel movements which is opposed to the normal one
  • Bowel Movements which are frequent in nature causes Fissures
  • Tough Anal Sphincter Muscles tends to cause Fissures

Common Symptoms of Fissure

Fissures show out its presence through many symptoms that are vivid in nature. Some such symptoms are enlisted below for better understanding about the same by all concerned.

  • Stinging pain when passing stools
  • Persisting pain after stools for long periods of time
  • Blood oozing out after every bowel movement
  • Formation of small lump like structure near the Fissure which is chronic by nature

Treatment options for Fissure

There are many simple treatment options available for Anal Fissures. Some such treatment options are given below for the benefit of all concerned.

Medication to be consumed orally as prescribed by the Physician who is keeping a tag on the stage of your Fissure

Medication to be applied externally which include ointments and creams

Stool softeners which are available across the counter in Pharmacies or Medical Shops

Fiber supplements in terms of medicines and consuming food items that are rich in fiber

Warm water bath to give the soothing effect to the affected area

Drinking good amount of water to avoid the area from becoming dry and itchy

While the above treatment options are available for curing normal Fissures, the Physician may recommend surgical treatment it the Fissure is chronic by nature. Fissure surgeries are performed on patients suffering from the same by injecting Botox in the sphincter area.

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