Why Piles Laser Treatment is Better than Conventional Surgery?

Piles basically are hemorrhoids suffered by human beings. Such hemorrhoids are generally caused in the Anal canal and are caused due to the congestion experienced by the Venous Plexuses. Hemorrhoids can be either internal or external by nature. Hemorrhoids are generally classified into four major types based on the severity or seriousness of the same. Hemorrhoids belonging to different stages have their own levels of complications and treatment for the same depends on these levels.


What is Piles and How Is It Affecting Your Life?

What is Piles?

Anal Canal is one of the crucial organs in the body which is given appropriate protection by three layers of linings which look like spongy pads. When one of the soft pads in the Anal Canal slips down even in a slight manner, the blood vessels in the concerned region gets engorged. The cushion-like structures in the area becomes swollen and get pulled down further during toilet habits. When these piles get pushed out of the Anus region, they are called Prolapsed Piles. (more…)